Sheep Hunting in Sonora, Mexico with Wade Lemon Hunting from WadeLemonHunting on Vimeo.

Desert Bighorn Sheep are one of the most sought after big game animals in the world. The availability of these tags across North America is very limited. Due to the remote areas where these animals live, the expense of obtaining a permit, or the years of waiting on state draws, makes harvesting the Deseret Bighorn Sheep next to impossible for most hunters in North America.

Here in Sonora, Mexico we have guaranteed tags every year. With a higher sheep population and best genetics found anywhere in the world.

At Wade Lemon Hunting Sonora, we have maintained %100 success on all of our Desert Bighorn Sheep hunts. Each year our clients harvest some of the largest Deseret Bighorn Sheep in Mexico. Many of our rams score over 180 inches. We have the option for our hunter to include Desert Mule Deer or Coues Deer with their Sheep hunts.

Our camps are kept very clean and well managed with nice accommodations and amazing authentic food. Whether you’re just beginning or wanting to finish your Grand Slam, give Wade Lemon Hunting Sonora a call and let us help you take your giant Mexico Desert Bighorn.

The temperature this time of the year is usually around 60 to 70 degrees during the day and can drop to freezing at night.  It is best to bring layered clothing.  We also suggest:

Good hiking shoes (broke in)



Water Proof matches and fire starter

Water bottle


Sharp knife


License and Tag

Rifle sighted in at 200 yards and know your drops out to 500 yards

At least on full box of ammo

Personal Items


Range Finder (Our guides will also pack one)

Day Pack