Bear hunting with hounds is one of the most intense, exciting hunts you will ever experience.  Some bears won’t climb a tree to escape the hounds.  They would prefer to stay on the ground and fight.  You haven’t lived until you have slipped in on a mad bear bayed up by a pack of well-trained bear.1

We harvest several record book bears each year, mostly color phase; Chocolate brown, cinnamon and blonde.  The bears generally score 6 ½ to 7 ½ ft. and score 18 to 22.

We conduct and arrange bear hunts for Spring and Fall.

Bear permits/license can be obtained by:

*Utah Draw

*100% tax deductible Conservation Tag

*Landowner Tag (Reservation)

We can assist you in obtaining conservation or landowner tags.



Bear Hunt

Leather hiking boots


Long Sleeve shirt


Light Jacket



License and tags


Levis or regular hunting clothing


Sharp Knife

Matches, candle or fire building material

Water Bottle

Day Pack

The weather during bear season can vary from below 30 to 80 degrees.  Normally it is around 30 when we start in the morning and warms up to around 60 to 70 degrees.

This can be a very physically demanding hunt.  We recommend a training program for a few months before the hunt and have your hunting boots to be broke in.