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We are one of the most successful cougar operations in the world.  Between myself and my guides we have helped close to 1500 clients fulfill their dream of harvesting a trophy mountain lion.

We are not lion hunters, we are lion catchers.  Our lives have been dedicated to raising, training and improving our strain of big game hounds.  Until you have watched a pack of hounds working a track you will never fully understand the passion of a houndsman watching a good dog work.

Over the years our clients have harvested more record book lions than any other outfitter in history.  Our clients hold many of the top rankings in SCI. B & C, and P & Y record books.  Our good friend and client, Tom Teague, recently harvested the New World Record lion with a muzzleloader breaking our previous record held by Don Perrin.

Most of our cougar hunting is from November thru May.  Each year we achieve nearly 100% success.  We have some areas and reservations where we are able to hunt lions year round.

Come with us and follow our pack of well-trained hounds as they track one of these elusive big cats through the West’s most scenic   livelions..1country.

Mt. Lion permits/license can be obtained by:

*Utah Draw

*Harvest Objective Tag buy on-line at

*100% tax deductible Conservation Tag

*Landowner tags (Reservation)

We can assist you in obtaining conservation or landowner tags

We can also hunt Bobcat/Lynx cat from the end of November to the first week in February.  This hunt can be combined with lion or can be hunted separately.

Tags for Bobcat/Lynx cat are restricted and must be obtained along with yourfurbearers license prior to October 1st.



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Wool pants

Wool shirt

Wool socks

800 gram insulated leather hiking boot (broke in)

Good warm gloves

heavy coat

Warm jacket

Gators (leggings that go from you ankle to knee)

sharp knife

Fire starter

Water bottle


Face Mask

Warm Hat

Insulated coveralls

Flash light