The two best areas in Utah for true Rocky Mountain Bighorn are the Range Creek, and Bookcliffs South Rattle Snake unit. These connecting units are located in the area where I was born and raised. We also hunt the Box Elder, Newfoundland Mountain, Box Elder Pilot Mountain, North Slope Three Corners, North Slope West Dagget, Stansbury, and Antelope Island for both California Bighorn and the true Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep.

We hunt all of the Desert Bighorn units in Utah: South San Rafael, North San Rafael, Dirty Devil, Zion, San Juan South, San Juan Lockhart, Pine Valley, Virgin River, Lasal Potash, Kaiparowitz Escalante, Kaiparowitz West, Kaiparowitz East and the Henry Mountains. Many of these Desert Sheep units are located in the area where my Pioneer ancessors settled and family have run cattle for over 6 generations.
Some of our Desert Sheep units are relatively easy and very accessible with ATV’s. A few of the units are very remote and can be physically demanding.

We understand how difficult these permits are to obtain and are committed to getting you the most out of your once-in-a-lifetime tag. We have a 100% success rate for these hunts.

Desert Bighorn and Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep permits/license can be obtained by:

*Utah Draw
*100% tax deductible Conservation Tag
*Landowner Tag Sonora, Mexico

We can assist you in obtaining conservation or landowner tags.

The temperature this time of the year is usually around 60 to 70 degrees during the day and can drop to freezing at night.  It is best to bring layered clothing.  We also suggest:

Good hiking shoes (broke in)



Water Proof matches and fire starter

Water bottle


Sharp knife


License and Tag

Rifle sighted in at 200 yards and know your drops out to 500 yards

At least on full box of ammo

Personal Items


Range Finder (Our guides will also pack one)

Day Pack