Wade Lemon Hunting: Your Premium Big Game Hunting Outfitter Since 1978

About Wade Lemon Hunting

Wade Lemon

I have been guiding outdoorsmen, conservationists, hunters, and livestock men throughout the United States and Canada since 1978. I have specialized in my first love, which is professionally guiding for trophy mountain lion and black bear with my personally trained Big Game Hounds.

I’ve had the opportunity to help pioneer hound hunting for leopard in Zimbabwe, Africa and hunt cattle killing jaguar in the Amazon.

I also offer outstanding trophy hunts for mule deer, elk, antelope, desert bighorn sheep, mountain goat, Rocky Mountain Bighorn, and the only free roaming buffalo herd in the western United States. I am also offering Coues deer, mule deer, desert bighorn sheep, and javelina hunts in Sonora Mexico.

At no time in recent history have big game opportunities been better. Each year many record class trophies are taken.

My family has been ranching and hunting a lot of this country for the past 150 years. There is much beauty and history in this land. Come let me share with you, what I call, “God’s Country.”

Kalan Lemon

I have been born and raised in the hunting industry and have been very fortunate to travel around different parts of the world with my father Wade and his pack of hounds. Although I have always enjoyed hunting with hounds, my passion has always been the antlered animals. Over the past 13 years I have been able to help clients harvest some of the largest elk and mule deer ever taken across the west. I have guided on numerous 400″ elk, including the world record non typical ever taken with a rifle, and the #2 in the world with a bow. I have also guided many hunters to 200″ mule deer including the SCI typical world record and some bucks that have even been closer to 300″.

I am proud to be hunting exclusively in our family business. For me hunting isn’t just a business, its my passion that I have dedicated my life to. I still understand family values and the importance of hunting and conservation in our heritage and the need to preserve this for our future generations.

Whether your wanting to chase giant screaming bull elk in the mountains of Utah or monster mule deer across the desert floors of Sonora. Give us a call and let us share our passion and excitement for hunting with you.