Sonora Coues Deer

Our Coues Deer areas are very limited to hunting.   We have hunted and managed many of our ranches since 2006 and have taken numerous giant Coues off of them.  Including the #3 in the world typical SCI and many that have scored over 120”.  We have all English speaking guides as well as an amazing chef and a very friendly camp staff.  This is a great opportunity to harvest a record book Coues Deer.

The temperature this time of the year is usually around 60 to 70 degrees during the day and can drop to freezing at night.  It is best to bring layered clothing.  We also suggest:

Good hiking shoes (broke in)



Water Proof matches and fire starter

Water bottle


Sharp knife


License and Tag

Rifle sighted in at 200 yards and know your drops out to 500 yards

At least on full box of ammo

Personal Items


Range Finder (Our guides will also pack one)

Day Pack