Kamchatka Moose Hunts

Have you dreamed of giant moose, but haven’t wanted the physical demands, or the cold, wet, and miserable conditions consistent with most Alaskan and Yukon trophy moose hunts? If so, Kamachatka is the perfect fit for you. For any trophy hunter wanting to harvest one of the largest game animals in the world, the moose of Kamchatka are next level and with our partners at Euroasia we have not only a guarantee on harvest but also on trophy size. This is truly a hunting opportunity of a lifetime. Match this with an affordable cost that’s a fraction of the North American market and the opportunity to add multiple other big game trophies as a combo hunt, it’s easy to see how this is our most popular adventure. Our dedication to arranging remarkable experiences ensures hunters encounter the amazing trophies this unique destination has to offer.

Moose Hunting Trips

WLH offers exclusive moose hunting experiences on the Kamchatka Peninsula, home to the biggest moose in the world. Partnered with EuroAsia, we have access to the largest concession in Kamchatka, ensuring unparalleled opportunities for trophy animals. Moose hunting in Kamchatka offers a unique experience, with sightings of multiple mature moose a day and comfortable accommodations. 

  • Trophy: Free-ranging hunts, with opportunities to see various species with guaranteed success and large trophies!
  • Accommodations: Comfortable lodges with modern amenities
  • Transportation: Moscow to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, then helicopter to lodge

At a Glance:

  • Exclusive moose hunting opportunities in Kamchatka
  • High success rates and world-class trophy sizes
  • Late fall hunting options available
  • Extremely comfortable accommodations with modern amenities
  • Limited spots available, book now ( its standard to book this hunt 3 years out)

Hunting Areas

Experience the adventure of a lifetime to the breathtaking Kamchatka peninsula with Wade Lemon Hunting. Since our personal hunt in 2021, we’ve been dedicated to arranging unforgettable experiences for our clients, showcasing the amazing trophies this unique destination has to offer. Despite the circumstances affecting travel to Russia, we’ve successfully facilitated many groups of hunters to venture to Kamchatka each season.

What To Expect on Your Hunting Trip

Weather-wise, Kamchatka can be cold, requiring layered clothing and warm footwear. Hunts typically start with a nice hot breakfast before heading out in search of large target animals. The terrain varies from open tundra, thick river bottoms to high mountainous regions, offering diverse hunting experiences. Moose hunting may occur later in the fall when snow has accumulated, the  leaves have fallen, and visibility is better. Expect a thrilling hunt with guaranteed large trophy sizes.

  • Hunting Methods: Helicopter or snowmobile access on the hunts
  • Terrain: Varied, ranging from river bottoms to mountainous regions



Join WLH on an unforgettable moose hunting adventure on the Kamchatka Peninsula. With our expertise, strategic partnerships, and dedication to providing top-notch experiences, we guarantee success and satisfaction. Limited spots are available, so book now to secure your place and fulfill your dream of hunting in this extraordinary destination. Contact us to schedule your upcoming hunts within the next 2-4 years and experience the thrill of hunting in one of the world’s most remote and game-rich regions. 

I have been hunting with Wade Lemon Hunting for 5 seasons. We have harvested some really nice trophies. They have access to great areas and can assist in obtaining special, limited or restricted tags. The team of guides they have are really excellent, they are very knowledgeable and passionate about trophy quality and hunt hard to give you the best hunting experience possible. I have several hunts scheduled with them this season and I’m really looking forward to each one.

Ted F.

I have been fortunate to be able to hunt with Wade Lemon Hunting multiple times and have enjoyed great success with there team of professional guides. If you want to hunt with people that are passionate about their work and put year-round dedication into finding the biggest trophy animals for that special tag, WLH is the outfitter you are looking for.

Leo G.

I was searching for a high quality mountain lion hunt. Wade Lemon had been recommended to me by a trusted associate in Texas. I researched some other outfitters but ultimately chose Wade. It turned out to be a great decision. Wade’s guides’ busted their backs for me and were top notch in every aspect. By the end of the hunt I was rewarded with a world class trophy. The experience was everything I was hoping for. I’m already working on booking my next hunt with Wade and his team.

Scott S.

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