About Wade Lemon Hunting

At Wade Lemon Hunting, we are committed to quality Trophy Hunts. We have successfully been guiding and outfitting clients since 1978. We specialize in giving our clients an experience of a lifetime and harvesting trophy world class animals. 

Kalan Lemon

To me, Hunting is being in the mountains observing God’s creations. It is more than just a business or a hobby, rather, hunting has become a way of life. 

Growing up in this business has blessed me with many great experiences. At an early age I became intrigued by antlers and horns. This lead me to become the youngest ever SCI master measurer at the young age of 12. While I enjoy running hounds my passion has always been with antlered game. I have been blessed to guide on some of the largest big game animals in the world including the World Record Non-Typical Elk, #2 Archery Elk, over 25 bulls breaking 400”, an uncounted total of well over 100+ mule deer breaking 200”, The largest free range mule deer ever from Sonora, Mexico, the typical SCI World Record Mule Deer, and many other giant top 10 qualifying big game animals. Recently with our increased focus on our Mule deer estate areas we have consistently broken world records this last season set both in the Mexico world record with an enormous 322” mule deer, as well as a new North American world record at 308” in South Dakota.

My wonderful family and I eat, sleep, and breathe hunting. My job is my hobby, my hobby is my way of life. 

Martin Flores

As a born and raised Sonoran, I grew up admiring and valuing the desert and the wildlife within. Hunting while finding great trophies got my interest. In 2007, the dream of having the best place to hunt started to become a reality. God crossed my path with Kalan and Wade Lemon two years later. Helping us unite our strengths to develop the best hunting operation in the state of Sonora.

After a decade of offering the best service to our hunters and watching them rejoice after obtaining a trophy, helps us motivate ourselves to seek improvement, year after year.

Our efforts in the wildlife’s sustainable management instilled in our kids guarantee a promising hunting future.

Ben Doxey

I have always had an appreciation for the outdoors and outdoor activities. My passion and appreciation has only grown after marrying Wade’s oldet daughter Tara.

I have been fortunate to progressively be more involved in this incredible outfitting business for almost all of the 13 years that I have been married to Tara.

I continue to learn from and hunt with the best big game hunters in the world. I help with sales/bookings, marketing and other business operations.

Shaun Buffee

Starting my dangerous game guiding career at 21 years old, I have been fortunate enough to hunt throughout Africa for the last 19 years. I met Wade and Kalan when I had the privilege of guiding Wade on a leopard hunt with hounds. That safari was the beginning of a partnership that has allowed us to continuously plan and produce the best quality lion and leopard every season.

Braden Gedsen

New Zealand needs no introduction. It was an incredible place to grow up, the hunting and outdoors is available around every turn! My passion for this started with my family, who were big deer, pig and duck hunters. I certainly didn’t turn down any opportunities to be a part of these adventures.

I have been very fortunate to make hunting into a career. A lot of what I love about my job, if you can call it that, is meeting all the good folks that share appreciation for what we get to do. That same job takes me across North America, from Dalls in the NWT, Canada to giant bucks in Sonora, Mexico. What more could you ask for?!

Now I get to put what I’ve learnt from all these experiences into my own Outfit in New Zealand, making it one of the best places anyone can go to have a great time!

Mark Hollenbeck

Mark Hollenbeck was raised on the family ranch in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Mark pursued an engineering degree and left the family ranch. He started his guiding as a pheasant hunting guide in Central South Dakota. After returning to the Black Hills, he started guiding mule deer and antelope in Wyoming and South Dakota.

He and his wife have been operating Sunrise Ranch for 20 years where he has followed his passion for mule deer and elk. He guided the pending SCI world record Rocky Mountain Mule deer on his ranch this year. His goal is to provide the best Rocky Mountain mule deer hunting in the nation, along with world class elk, white tail, and buffalo hunts.

Lynn Tuttle

I have had the privilege and opportunity to grow up within the Manti LaSal mountain range and the San Rafael Desert. I have spent my lifetime hunting and hiking throughout these mountains. I have been calling and guiding elk since 1997 with WLH and have years of additional experience prior to that time. There is nothing better than spending time in the mountains with family and friends. I especially concentrate my time on pursuing elk and love the sounds of elk bugling on crisp fall mornings. I enjoy the comradery of elk camp and time spent in the field getting to know new people. I always look forward to a rewarding hunt and acquiring a lifetime friendship with clients.

Bowdy Steele

I grew up hunting mule deer across the deserts of Utah. Learning from some of the best hunters in the world, going back to my grandpa ,dad, brothers and the guys I guide with today.
Having had some of the best teachers in the world, Wade Lemon and Kim Payne, I’ve been fortunate enough to become one of the most successful lion and bear houndsman in the West.
I’ve gained extensive knowledge across the entire state and guide many Lion, Bear, Elk and deer hunters. Hunting is in my blood.

Lance Scoggins

I grew up in a hunting family and community so my love of hunting came natural. I’ve been guiding hunts for 17 yrs. I’m fortunate enough to live in an area where hunting truly giant animals is possible. I’ve been involved in taking several world class animals from elk, mule deer, to sheep and everything in between. I take a large portion of Bighorn sheep hunts from Utah to Mexico,both Desert and Rocky Mountain. I’ve helped many hunters each year complete their grand slams and fulfill dream hunts. I hunt with the best crew. I am proud to be apart of WLH and call them all my friends.

Dylan Peterson

I’ve always been passionate about hunting. I started working for Wade Lemon Hunting several years ago and have been fully invested in my hunting career ever since. I’ve been a part of harvesting a lot of top tier animals, from deer to elk to sheep and everything in between. I am always looking for that next level-type animal. I’ve been fortunate enough to learn and work with the best in the industry. “Dedication out thrives skill”-This is the motto I live by and incorporate with everything I do. I am always willing

Austin Clark

Since I can remember It’s been my desire to guide hunts and harvest the top end animals my home state of utah has to offer. Working for WLH has given me just that opportunity.
In the past 5 seasons I’ve been involved on Multiple 400”+inch bulls, countless 200 inch bucks and everything in between. I love the Variety and challenge that every animal brings.

Kim Payne

I caught my first lion when I was 13. It was that moment I knew I wanted to do this.
Being the son of a government hunter I had an advantage to be raised around great dogs and great hunters. I’ve been guiding lion, bear, deer and elk for over 30 yrs.

Brady Larsen

I’m a lifelong resident of Utah. I come from four generations of outdoorsmen. At a very young age my family cultivated my love of mule deer and elk hunting in the deserts of southern Utah. I learned how to hunt hard as a team. The addiction for mule deer I developed growing up, has made me fortunate enough to personally harvest several mule deer over 200”, including the #8 Utah archery mule deer.
I started guiding for WLH nine years ago at age 25 in Utah and Sonora Mexico. Over that time I have been fortunate to personally witness over 40 mule deer taken from 200”-254” including many other great animals. Our team enjoys putting forth the effort to make our clients hunt a memorable experience and show them all this sport has to offer.

Brandon Barney

I am a proud dad of two beautiful daughters an amazing son, and a wife whom I’m happy to call my best friend.
I have guided in Utah for over 20 years. Starting out I primarily hunted elk and deer guiding in every unit of the state.
I caught the sheep bug while hunting with Troy Justensen and Greg Bird who mentored me for years. I have been hunting with WLH since 2014. In that time I have had the opportunity to guide all of Utah’s big game. I have enjoyed all of them thoroughly but my true passion is guiding sheep hunts. I love the challenge of sheep hunting and the butterflies you get when you glass up a sheep after not seeing one for hours. No two hunts are the same with sheep, each is unique and there is always the unexpected.

Matt Wanner

I’ve been guiding 20 plus years! My favorite part of helping others be successful is the friendships I’ve made as well as the many miles horse back…I would say my entire career hunting is a total success thanks to those who has trusted me in their endeavors! I also have the opportunity to build quality saddles for great people around the globe. My full time gig is being the president of Burnssaddlery Manufacturing. We build cowboy hats, custom boots, and belts and silver buckles. I love working with a 140 plus year old same family owned company! Working and hunting with 7th generation owner is also an honor! Just like finding quality game, we strive to have heirloom quality, hand built products! I recently was honored to win the World Leather debut in Sheridan, Wyoming with a full floral saddle I built for my daughter! I would not be where I am today without my families support, friends, co-workers, and of course great clients/friends.

Mitch Carter

Life is family and the outdoors! Ever since I was young this is what life was all about. I have been blessed to personally take and guide countless 400’’ bulls, and many 200” bucks in some of the most pristine country God created.
I have shared in 3 world record elk and countless Utah State record bulls! I have been Guiding since 1998 with a passion that drives my brother Daniel and our crew to dig up the biggest animal available each year. This excitement keeps the fire burning for success! I am fortunate to have arguably the best elk unit in the world as my back yard. Our Success each year is a team effort from some of the best guys that share our passion.
Watching someone Complete a life long dream of harvesting a giant bull or monster muley is such a fulfilling experience in which we have had great success!

Daniel Carter

My name is Daniel Carter, I am a hunting guide in Utah and have been for over 20 years. I love to be in the outdoors hunting, I have been involved in helping clients harvest some of the biggest bulls that have been taken in Utah. I have helped clients harvest over 15 bulls that score over 400”. I have also harvested a bull for myself that scored over 400”. My goal as a guide is to help clients fulfill their dream of taking the biggest animal on the mountain and making it a memory they will never forget.

Gunner Steele

I was fortunate to be raised in my grandfathers and fathers back pocket hunting and tracking deer. I love the challenge of hunting BIG deer!
I’ve been blessed to hunt alongside with the best of the best and learn from them, whether that be deer, elk, sheep, bear or lion.

I have been hunting with Wade Lemon Hunting for 5 seasons. We have harvested some really nice trophies. They have access to great areas and can assist in obtaining special, limited or restricted tags. The team of guides they have are really excellent, they are very knowledgeable and passionate about trophy quality and hunt hard to give you the best hunting experience possible. I have several hunts scheduled with them this season and I’m really looking forward to each one.

Ted F.

I have been fortunate to be able to hunt with Wade Lemon Hunting multiple times and have enjoyed great success with there team of professional guides. If you want to hunt with people that are passionate about their work and put year-round dedication into finding the biggest trophy animals for that special tag, WLH is the outfitter you are looking for.

Leo G.

I was searching for a high quality mountain lion hunt. Wade Lemon had been recommended to me by a trusted associate in Texas. I researched some other outfitters but ultimately chose Wade. It turned out to be a great decision. Wade’s guides’ busted their backs for me and were top notch in every aspect. By the end of the hunt I was rewarded with a world class trophy. The experience was everything I was hoping for. I’m already working on booking my next hunt with Wade and his team.

Scott S.

About Us

At Wade Lemon Hunting, we are committed to quality Trophy Hunts. We have been successfully guiding and outfitting clients since 1978. We specialize in giving our clients an experience of a lifetime and harvesting trophy world-class animals. We take a huge amount of pride in guiding our clients to many of the largest animals across the west each season.

We operate on Public/Private lands in Utah as well as large premium hunting areas in Sonora, Mexico. Our goal is to help our clients have an unforgettable experience, while harvesting the largest animal in the areas we are hunting. WLH has expanded to offering Multiple Trophy big game species in Utah and Sonora Mexico as well as some tremendous High Volume Dove shoots and Goulds Turkey hunts. We guarantee unforgettable memories and friendships forged through adventure that will last a lifetime.

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