Sonora Free Range Mule Deer Hunts

Experience the thrill of hunting Sonora Mule Deer with Wade Lemon Hunting (WLH). Our guides are English-speaking, seasoned professionals passionate about pursuing giant mule deer. We provide a unique hunting adventure in Sonora, Mexico, managing over one million acres of prime, free-range habitat with unparalleled genetics.

Free Range Sonora Mule Deer Hunting Trips

Since 2006, WLH has operated in Sonora Mexico Creating record breaking results with our clients. Thanks to our meticulous management for quality and age class in Sonora’s best genetic regions  we  continue to boast similar success each year. Our hunting strategy includes high rack, glassing, and spot and stalk techniques across varied terrains. We’re committed to sustainable habitat management, ensuring our bucks reach their maximum potential, especially during drought years. Our goal is to harvest mature bucks, ideally 5 years or older, aiming for those over 30” wide or scoring 180’+. Our track record includes harvesting many of the largest free-range bucks ever to roam in Sonora, with notable giants in recent seasons.


At a Glance

  • English-speaking, expert mule deer guides
  • Over one million exclusive, free-range acres in Sonora, Mexico
  • Focus on quality, age class, and sustainable habitat management
  • Mature animals: bucks scoring 180’+, with many over 200”
  • All-inclusive hunts: transport, licenses, permits, trophy prep, and meals

  • Hunting Areas: Optimal genetic regions in Sonora, Mexico
  • Methods: High rack, glassing, spot and stalk
  • Management: Year-round water, feeders, food plots
  • Trophy Quality: Focus on bucks 5+ years, 180’+ score, 30”+ width

Hunting Areas

Our expansive hunting grounds of several prime ranches offer diverse hunting experiences. High points for effective glassing and spot and stalk. Vast areas of large thick flat plains where high rack vehicles have proven the most effective method of hunting. 

What To Expect on Your Hunting Trip

Days start early with strategic glassing from high points or using high rack vehicles to spot and pursue giant bucks. Expect to see numerous bucks daily, thanks to our intensive habitat and herd management. Accommodations range from modern lodges with first-class chefs to clean, comfortable ranch houses, ensuring a pleasant stay. Our all-inclusive package covers every aspect of the hunt, emphasizing comfort, success and safety.

  • Terrain: Diverse, from glassable high points to vast flat thickets hunted in high rack vehicles. 
  • Accommodations: Modern lodges or comfortable ranch houses
  • Included: All necessities from airport transport to meals and trophy prep


Join Wade Lemon Hunting in Sonora for an unrivaled mule deer hunting experience. Our commitment to quality, sustainable management, and client success sets us apart as one of Mexico’s premier hunting operations. Contact us to book your adventure and chase the trophy mule deer of your dreams with the best in the business.

I have been hunting with Wade Lemon Hunting for 5 seasons. We have harvested some really nice trophies. They have access to great areas and can assist in obtaining special, limited or restricted tags. The team of guides they have are really excellent, they are very knowledgeable and passionate about trophy quality and hunt hard to give you the best hunting experience possible. I have several hunts scheduled with them this season and I’m really looking forward to each one.

Ted F.

I have been fortunate to be able to hunt with Wade Lemon Hunting multiple times and have enjoyed great success with there team of professional guides. If you want to hunt with people that are passionate about their work and put year-round dedication into finding the biggest trophy animals for that special tag, WLH is the outfitter you are looking for.

Leo G.

I was searching for a high quality mountain lion hunt. Wade Lemon had been recommended to me by a trusted associate in Texas. I researched some other outfitters but ultimately chose Wade. It turned out to be a great decision. Wade’s guides’ busted their backs for me and were top notch in every aspect. By the end of the hunt I was rewarded with a world class trophy. The experience was everything I was hoping for. I’m already working on booking my next hunt with Wade and his team.

Scott S.

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